Welcome Professor Xunwei Zhou from Beijing Union University, China to be keynote speaker!

Professor emeritus Xunwei Zhou 

Beijing key laboratory of information service engineering, Beijing Union University, Beijing, China

Email: zhouxunwei@263.net 

Professor Zhou received B.E. from Department of Automation, Beijing University of Technology in 1982. He received  postgraduate diploma  but not degree from Department of ComputerScience, Beijing University of Technology in 1987. He was lecturer in Department of Computer Science, Beijing University of Technology  from 1987 to 1992, associate professor in College of Information, Beijing Union University from 1992 to 2005, professor in Institute of Information Technology, College of Information, Beijing Union University from 2005 to 2012, professor emeritus in Beijing key laboratory of information service engineering, Beijing Union University since 2012. He constructs mutually-inversistic logic and applies it to the fields of computer science and artificial intelligence, such as automatic theorem proving, logic programming, planning and scheduling, expert systems, semantic network, program verification, natural language understanding, hardware verification, machine  learning, data mining, uncertainty reasoning, program refinement, many-valued computer, etc. He published about 80 refereed papers, authored 4 monographs on them. He is a senior member of China Computer Federation,a member of Technical Committee of Artificial  Intelligence Theory of Chinese Association forArtificial Intelligence, a director of Beijing Logical Association.